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Mother's Day

Today it's just me and the kids, so no restful Mother's Day for me but I started thinking about it last night and realized that actually that's not such a bad thing at all. I want this Mother's Day to give me some special time with my little ones. Some time for just them and me without any worries about work, clients, housework, washing, the school-run, etc. Just a whole lot of fun! I know that I'm often caught up in all the things I have got to do, all the places we have got to be, that I don't always make enough time for fun. My children do though, so today's going to be another day learning from them. A perfect Mother's Day I would say!




I love being a mother. It completes who I am and I feel so incredibly lucky every day to have three beautiful children. It is the hardest job I've ever done. It is not only all the actually work of looking after three young children but it's also the continual growth as a mother and all the thinking, learning and reflecting about what to do next, about how to change things, how to build our family home, how to grow with my children. As a mother I feel that I am growing just as much as my children. We are all learning together. It is a beautiful journey.

I love sharing being a parent with my husband. It's an amazing journey to share with someone you love and respect so much. And I love growing as a mother with all my friends who are mothers too. So much shared wisdom and love!



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Today I am thinking about my own mother, Helen, too. She has taught me so much about being me and being a mother. About being a women. Thank you Helen and Happy Birthday too! We miss you but can't wait for summer adventures in France!

Lots of love to you all on Mother's Day xxx

It's the little things

Hooray we won!