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Book of the week: This is London

I really love this series of books by Miroslav Sasek and was so happy when my husband brought this book home for Oren a few weeks ago. Our children love London like we do and this book gets them so excited. We read it before our family day out in London last weekend and they loved spotting things from the book as we drove through the city.

We had a lovely day along the South Bank. We ate noodles and ice-cream, went to an exhibition and a book shop and generally just enjoyed soaking up the city and being together. A fun day and a beautiful book.






After a lovely family weekend last weekend I am now preparing myself for another solo-parenting weekend and yet another Friday evening on my own. I am going to make sure I plan nice things (especially a Mother's Day treat for myself!) and keep positive and upbeat. I hope you've got a happy weekend planned.

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