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The Start-Up Life - Living in the Now

For the past few years start-up life, and all its stresses, pain, risk and energy, has been all about the big reward at some point in the future. A start-up is often about putting in loads of effort, usually for not much money, with the view that at some point the start-up will stop being a start-up and be worth something. Doing the start-up life thing is very insecure. It's full of risk. Sometimes (actually most of the time) it can feel like a whole lot of risk for very little reward. I have put up with a lot. I left all my friends and moved to a new city, and then to commuter land. Life has been in limbo, waiting for that moment when all the risk pays off and we get to do all the things we've planned to do. Amusingly, all those things actually involve more start-up stuff but that's a story for another day.

What I have been slowly realizing over the past year or so, is that I've got to stop living for the future. All the plans we have will come one day. They will come because what we actually want to have isn't ridiculous or impossible, it's just not what we have right now. But we are both working towards that point and doing all the things we need to make sure we get there.

I am now learning to do something each day for the future but to live the rest of the time in the present. In the right here and now. What we have right now is amazing. We have three beautiful, fun, creative children. We have each other. We have a lovely place to live (even if it isn't where we actually want to live long-term). We both do work that we love. Life is good and start-up life is good too...if a little bumpy!

Children teach us more than anyone to live in the here and now. They are all about the moment, this moment. Watch and learn from your children. They have so much to teach the grown-ups. I'm going to let my little ones lead me on this one and go with their flow of the now.

{This post is inspired by the beautiful Susannah Conway course I am doing at the moment.}

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