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Painting with your children

A few weeks I had the lovely pleasure of writing a guest post over on Dorkymum all about drawing with your children. When I was writing it I thought it was all a bit obvious and I was a little bit embarassed. But when I started talking to a few mums about drawing and painting with their children, I realized it wasn't really all that obvious at all. I thought I'd share a few little thoughts about painting too, especially as my little boy painted a few pictures that actually made me cry happy tears today.


Art and creativity take high priority in our family. Our children have open access to pens, pencils, scissors, glue and piles of paper all the time. We have had very few accidents with drawings on walls or anywhere else but paper and I think it's because they have grown up with the freedom to be able to draw on paper whenever they want to. And they draw a lot.

I realized the other day that my little boy hasn't done as much painting with me as Imogen did when she was little. We had an amazing open-plan space with wooden floors when she was little though, which did make things much easier. Where we are now things take a little more preparation but that shouldn't stop me from doing it. And enjoying it too. I love painting with my children and it's not something I want to leave for nursery to do, as a lot of mums I talk to say they do. I know it can be messy but how much fun does everyone have too? And the paint washes out and you can put newspaper down everywhere. When you finish you have beautiful pictures full of happy memories for your wall or to send to your family. That has to be worth a bit of preparation and a bit clearing up. Look what my little boy did today! How happy will my wall look later when they dry and we hang them up?

Today he started off by painting the whole piece of paper red. Children love to paint and feel the way the brushes move. And they love to keep going until the whole page is covered. I let him do this for a while and then I painted a circle on my paper. "Oh mummy, Oren do a monster now?" And he took over and did just that. I am just taking what I do when I draw with them and we're doing it in paint instead.


One very happy boy and one very happy mummy. And not too much mess to clear up either. Why don't you get painting with your little ones this weekend? It's so much fun!

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