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Over and over and over again

Life with babies and toddlers is regularly life on repeat.They find something they like and want to do it over and over and over again. The same song, the same book, the same film, the same food, the same game, the same clothes, the same activities, the same conversation, the same everything! It can be hard as an adult to appreciate this need for repetition. It's the way children learn and it's the way they feel comfortable and safe. Routine and repetition are really important to them.

Some days I think it will never change and I'll be doing the current favourite thing for the rest of my life. And then all of a sudden without any warning something I thought would never change does. Every Tuesday we go to a music class and every Tuesday Oren chooses to play the triangle. Every week I panic that another child will get the only triangle and there will be a massive meltdown. I watch nervously as they all go over to chose their instruments and I can't relax until he proudly comes back with the triangle. Today was different though. He didn't bring the triangle. My first reaction was to panic. After 6 months he suddenly decided to choose the bells instead! He was so excited and proud. It made me smile and remember that all the things I am trying to change at the moment (bottles for both boys...that's a whole other story, nappies, food etc) will change one day too. And probably when I have finally stopped trying to change them. Obviously we need to encourage our children to try new things and to move on to more grown-up ways of doing things when they are ready but it reminded me today not to stress about things. To encourage and support but not to battle. My children will change their fixed routines and favourites when they are ready to. But not until they've finished doing something over and over and over again first!

There are many things I can't wait for them to stop doing but goodness me there are even more that I know I will miss so much when they stop. I am going to do my best to embrace the repetition while it lasts!



{These photos are all of my little girl 4 years ago. It was at a time when that little pot of cheerios went everywhere with her, even to bed! Her baby brother has the same pot now and I was telling her all about it the other day. She thought is was so funny! Happy memories of things that were such a part of every single day, I thought at the time they would never change!}

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