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Your Darling Blog Course

Last month I took part on the first Your Darling Blog online workshop, which is run by one of my favourite designers, Jo Klima. I have loved Jo's work for a long while now and been regularly reading her lovely blog too, so when she announced she would be running workshops this year, I knew it's something I would want to be doing.

The course was great and full of so much inspiration, creativity, advice, design teaching, individual guidance and feedback, as well as the opportunity to share and learn from the other students in a private Flickr group. I learnt about layout, branding, colour, pattern, content, typography and so much more. I would highly recommend it if you want to design or redesign your blog. I have only made a start on what I want to do with mine but I am happy with what I have learnt and what I now have the confidence to do. Lots of things to play with and experiment with, not only for my blog but also for other areas of design.

Thank you Jo for a wonderful workshop! x

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