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That was February : This is March

I spent this morning on a little woodland adventure with my boys. It was lovely to escape for an hour or so and join them in looking for Gruffalos and throwing so many leaves in the air for a moment I thought it was October.



We have had the most challenging month of our start-up adventure but it is ending with so many feelings of excitement, happiness and joy about what the year holds for us. It might have been a challenging month but it has also been a really positive one.

I have been busy powering up my abs and enjoying the burn of Davina's new DVD. Just love it! I have completed this course and am now feeling a lot more confident about playing with design and learning lots more. My little man turned one. Amazing! And most importantly, I've taken more steps to getting my work/family balance on track. And I'm feeling more and more like the mummy I want to be. I feel like I'm finding myself again after a few years of feeling a bit lost in a whole lot of stress, not very much sleep at all and far too much work when combined with being a parent.

I am really looking forward to March. I am taking this course and really can't wait. It's my March treat for myself. I am teaching a one day wedding workshop, which I love doing. I have a couple of shoots booked too. The rest of the time I will be focusing on having more fun, laughter and adventures with my little ones. Not to forget having a weekend with my lovely husband. And I will also be taking some much needed time away from my computer to make something special for a very lovely couple's new arrival - due very soon!





I hope you had a happy February and have a wonderful March ahead of you.

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