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My little Fairtrade Councillor

Having grown-up in a politicly active family and having been aware of lots of big issues from a young age (CND, Greenpeace and Women's Rights to name but a few), it did fill me with pride when my little girl told me she is her class Fairtrade Councillor.

Today marks the start of this year's Fairtrade Fortnight and this morning we watched this video together and my daughter made her Fairtrade step to read in assembly this morning.

"My Fairtrade step is to swap my chocolate treats for Fairtrade chocolate and tell all my friends to do the same as me."

We talked about why Fairtrade is important and what it means to the farmers and producers abroad. Big ideas and thoughts for a five year old but I love that we are talking about it and I am very proud that the school is involving the reception class in their Fairtrade Fortnight activities. I think we can often assume our children are too young to understand or that they should be protected from issues like this until they are older. I think I am probably guilty of that sometimes myself. I'd love my children to have a few years thinking that everything is just as wonderful for everyone else as it is for them. But actually it's not is it? And I think that if children grow up talking about world issues and taking actions, however small, to help it can only be a good thing for our future.

There are more and more Fairtrade products available in our supermarkets and local shops. Why not go on a little Fairtrade treasure hunt next time you are shopping with your children and see if you can find more things that you need, which have the Fairtrade logo on? That is going to be my step for Fairtrade. And making sure my little girl gets her Fairtrade chocolate of course!


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