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Book of the week: Colours by Orla Kiely

I love patterns and I love Orla Kiely's designs, so her children's books are so lovely to share with my little ones. I bought this book, Colours, for Max and he's loved looking at it this week. I've been keeping it until now, so that he didn't just eat it! He did have a quick nibble but he loved looking at the colours and images a lot more.


But then Oren and Imogen wanted to look at it too and talk about the colours, shades and patterns. And I love the book as well and could quite happily keep it for myself. It's a book that will inspire a lot drawing projects I think. We started by doing some colouring of patterns today. Sadly all of my little ones and my poor husband have been poorly over the past couple of weeks and everyone was a bit too tired to get very far this afternoon, so we'll come back to the patterns next week.

I will also be ordering this!

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