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The Promise of Spring

I really have had enough of Winter now and need Spring to come. I'm much better at getting through the Winter months post-Christmas than I used to be. This is probably due to having Winter babies and now we have lovely Winter birthdays to keep us all going. But this doesn't stop all the Winter bugs, the cold weather, the dark mornings and evenings, and everyone feeling pretty tired and fed-up.

I have been filling the house with Spring flowers to keep our spirits up. We're nearly through and it's been so lovely to have lighter mornings over the past week or so. It makes a big difference when you get up at 6.30am every day with little ones.



Spring for me means blossom, light, Magnolias trees in bloom, flowering bulbs, no more boots, open windows, a lot more adventures outside, pottering in the garden, planting seeds, and a little bit of warmth on my face. And, we even have a Spring holiday booked this year at the beginning of April.

Are you looking forward to Spring too? Not long now!


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