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A First Birthday Letter

Birthday letter
I decided this year that as well as writing little letters to my children at Christmas I would also write them a letter every year on their birthdays, so they can read them when they are older.

Today is my little boy Max's first birthday. The day he gets to eat his first piece of chocolate cake, although I seem to remember that he might have pinched a piece on his big brother's birthday a couple of weeks ago. Sneaky!

To my darling little Max,

What a wonderful year it has been since you joined our family on this day last year. You arrived into this world relaxed, calm and content (oh, and very, very hungry!) and that's pretty much how you've stayed. You are one of the happiest babies I've ever met and if I could sum up your first year in one word it would be smile! 

You have slotted into our family perfectly, as if you were always supposed to be here. Your big brother and sister adore you and although they get cross sometimes when you try and play with their toys, they are so happy you are here. I know that in the coming years you are all going to have so much fun together and I know you'll all be getting up to lots of mischief too!

When you were just four months old Daddy and I got married. You were so very patient with my during those first four months of your life, when I was organizing a big three day wedding. You watched me craft like crazy, exercise like crazy and probably go a little crazy. You watched on calmly and patiently as if you understood everything. Thank you for being such a wonderful baby. I really couldn't have done it all without you being you. And it was so special to have you at our wedding with Imogen and Oren too. I know you won't remember it but we have the photographs to show you when your a bit older and Imogen will tell you all about it.

It's not hard to make you laugh and smile. You love it when I sing to you. It stops you in your tracks when you are sad and you just stop and listen, and then that beautiful smile appears. And you giggle and giggle when you're tickled or when I say Boo! You quite literally just love life. As long as you get your sleep and your milk and food, you are always happy. You do know your own mind though and I love to see that. You may be relaxed and happy but you know when you don't like something or when someone has upset you. I think Imogen and Oren will have to watch out over the next year!

You are so popular in the school playground. The mums all love you and you get lots of cuddles. The little children love you too and Imogen and Oren's friends are always asking "where's Max". Everyone loves that smile and I'm always so proud. 

I don't think it will be long before you are walking. You are busy scooting round the room holding onto all the furniture at the moment. You've got two walkers but you ignore them and prefer instead to push the children's table around the room. This makes us all laugh and you chuckle with pride. This coming year is going to be so exciting. You will be walking and talking before we know it. I can't wait to hear your little words and hold your little hand as you walk along. What adventures we are going to have as you grow from a baby into a toddler. Don't rush though sweetie. I know you look at your brother and sister longingly and want to be big too. It will all happen. Enjoy it all, one precious day at a time.

Happy Birthday lovely Maxi Boo. You are one!

With lots and lots of love and cuddles today and forever

Mummy xxxx


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