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Help you mummy?

"Help you mummy? My help you please?" How can I resist such adorable and keen help from my little boy? I love how little children really do want to help. It seems to happen over night. My little guy likes to help with the washing machine, the tumble dryer, hanging washing on the line, taking washing off the line, washing-up, cleaning, cooking, unloading the shopping. Everything really. He just loves to be right next to me helping. On a good day it's incredibly cute and lovely. On a bad day when I'm running really late, or one of my other children needs me to do something quickly, it's the most difficult thing to manage. I really, really don't want to put him off helping, especially with all the domestic tasks he rarely sees his daddy doing but at the same time sometimes it's really not practical. Think fast Emily, think fast! How can he help but not get in my way? Or not get wet and then need changing in time for the school run?

Fortunately his desire to help mummy has quickly been followed by a brilliant level of reason. "It's a bit tricky for you to help me now lovely because I'm in a big rush. But I would love you to help me later when we get back from school. Do you think you can?" "Ok mummy. That's really nice."

This boy steals my heart every day. Now, if I can nurture this desire to help me and teach him to be really great at all these chores I'll be on to a winner!

Happy 40th Birthday Allison!

Happy Valentine's Day