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A weekend without the little ones

In September last year we stopped having our nanny twice a week because I had made the decision to reduce my working hours and spend more time at home with our children. But our nanny is so very special to our children that we didn't want to lose her completely and I knew she would hate not seeing the children too. So, we made a plan that once a month they would all go to her house for the weekend and have lots of fun, while we have a weekend of quiet space at home. We sometimes use the time to catch up on work but I made a conscious decision this year to also make sure that we do something special together. In the envelope above are the details of our February treat!

Today I've had a lovely day all to myself as my husband has been working away and isn't back until late this evening. I had a lovely morning pottering about in an empty house. Before we had children I think I spent most weekends pottering. I love it and I miss it. I need to learn to potter more again. It's something my children need to watch and learn, although I suspect they can all potter quite well already. I think children are probably pottering experts and it's only as we grow-up and have too much to do that we start to lose the art. Pottering is good for the soul. It slows time down and helps me have a break from everything while still sort of doing something!

After my busy pottering I popped into London to meet two lovely friends for a long, leisurely lunch and lots of chat. We went to Mishkins. Yes, again. I think it's my new favourite. Before heading hope I picked up a cute little jumper for my baby who turns one a week tomorrow. I cannot believe that. Time has moved too fast again. 

And, tomorrow is our second treat of 2012 and I'm just a little bit excited about telling my husband what we're doing. After the crazy week we've had it really couldn't be better timed to be having some much needed time together on our own.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend! Keep warm x

It's the little things

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