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My writing desk

A second little peek into my office. I am still finding moments to make this space my little haven where I can create, write, read and have a little bit of peace from the craziness of family life.

I bought this writing desk just under a year ago when. with a newborn baby of four weeks, I did a wedding show in London. Madness I know but this little desk was part of my stand and I knew after the event it would bring me a lot of happiness in my office. It's the little drawers and shelves that I adore. And underneath there are two drawers too. I want to replace the handles on those, so when I've ticked off that little project I'll let you see them.

On top is my lovely little trug of ribbons and tags, a selection of notebooks including my 2012 favourite 'think, write, create' book from Anthropologie. My cute sewing box from the People Shop and my big jar of washi tape.

The monster is one that I made from a cute little Donna Wilson kit my husband bought me. He buys good presents!

I love having a writing desk, as I still love to write real hand-written letters. Sending and receiving lovely post is the best! I also use my desk to package prints, parcels and do a little crafting.

Do you have a special little place in your house?

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