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Book of the week: Snow is my favourite and my best

If I was a little girl again I think I would like to be Lola. And if I couldn't be Lola I would definitely want my world to be filled with a lot of Charlie and Lola stuff. Fortunately, my children love these two adorable little ones too. We love the TV programmes, the books, the website, the design, the illustrations, everything. I'm a huge, huge fan of the author Lauren Child's work.

"Snow is my favourite and my best" has been perfect to read this week with all the snow we've had. It helped explain why our poor Snowbot melted too!

Our activities to go with this book have been playing in the snow, throwing snowballs (mainly at me...ummm...), sledging to school and of course, building the Snowbot.

And Oren has also been enjoying one of our Charlie and Lola puzzles!

I hope you've had fun reading books this week and playing in the snow too!

A weekend without the little ones

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