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Pooka did it!

Pooka is a mysterious creature who has been living round corners in our house for the past three years or so. First he was a little friend shared by my daughter and husband but now my son is part of the Pooka adventures too. Pooka is nearly always the one causing trouble. He's always making a mess and sometimes he even pushes people over. He is good fun too though. He's great for games of hide and seek, tea parties and adventure games. I never get to see him though because he's always just around the corner! 

Recently my little boy has been using Pooka as a way of telling me he's done sometimes wrong. He comes running in, "Mummy, Mummy, Pooka's been so naughty. Quickly come and see." We talk about what's happened and how Pooka will have to say sorry and have some time out. He looks very serious about the whole thing and always offers to help clear up or comfort his baby brother if 'Pooka' hurt him!

Today Pooka emptied all the toy boxes in his big sister's bedroom while she was at school, hid monkey so we couldn't find him at nap time and opened the post. As you can see he gets up to all sorts of mischief. Good job there's a clever little boy always there to help fix things!

 I love that Pooka is around the corner, even when he's naughty! Are there any imaginary friends in your family?

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