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My little boy is 3!

Today was my little boy's birthday. It was in fact last Friday but we couldn't celebrate last week, so we just moved it. I nearly got caught out as my little girl is learning about months of the year at school. I think I've got away with it, just.

Anyway, we've had a lovely day full of balloons, cards, presents and cake.


What I completely love about this boy is that all he really wanted was the balloons. He was happy with that bit and didn't expect anything else. I think he was hoping for cake. But when it came he actually only ate the 'charlie biscuits' (he's named them after Charlie & Lola!). He really didn't expect presents or cards. What a lovely place to be. To just be happy with some balloons. And I mean really happy! We can learn a lot from a three year old.






He hasn't even had his bike yet. It's still in the garage and he knows nothing about it. The globe (a charity shop find!) was enough excitement for one day for this little guy! I love him to bits. Happy Birthday Mr O! xxx

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