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The ability to disconnect

Do you have the ability to completely disconnect from everything and be 100% focussed on something? I mean so focussed that you forget to eat, forget your family, forget what day it is and have absolutely no idea what time of day it is or how long you've been working? I know I don't but my husband does have this ability. On one hand that is a wonderful thing. It means he can achieve amazing things, often in short periods of time. It means that he is really good at what he does. It means that he can make and build things that are one day going to really change things financially for our family. His work his innovative, beautiful, creative and smart. I am proud of what he does and what he has already achieved and I am completely amazed at his ability to disconnect from the world outside his laptop.

But...it also drives me crazy! How can you be so focussed that you can't think of anything else? Or listen? Or eat? It drives our children mad too if he's working at home. I can remember Oren shouting "hear me Daddy!!" many times every morning. I tell him things and he nods but he's not listening. Often the only way I can communicate to him is via Twitter DMs. It's a family joke but it's actually reality. This is the case if he's working away or at home. Electronic communication (only in 140 characters) seems to work the best. Emails work sometimes but only if I fit the message into the subject line or one sentence of the content. Sometimes I sneal a x at the end but I expect that's ignored!


{let's play being Daddy}

Living with a start-up entrepreneur is hard work. Over the years I have taught myself to manage this behaviour. To try very hard to never take it personally (that's been the hardest part) and to joke with the children about it. He will never change. This is who he is. But I'm hoping (and fortunately he is too) that in a few years he won't have to spend so much time in disconnection mode and will be able to spend a lot more time with us.

The flip-side to all this is that when he reconnects with us, he gives us this amount of attention too. At the moment that's not often but when it does happen it's very special!

Oh look, my son can do it too. Ten Charlie and Lola pictures in a row and still going... (help!)

Do you or your partner have a disconnection mode? Does it drive you crazy too?

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