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Keeping fit {12 for 2012 update}


Number Five on my 12 for 2012 is:

Continue to keep fit and get a post-3 babies figure that I feel happy with. {I've worked hard on this in 2011, so want to keep going with this. It helps heaps with being a busy mum too}.

Over the past 30 days I have done 30 sessions of my fitness DVDs. I am so proud of myself. I feel fitter, stronger and bursting with energy. I've loved it! There have been days when I've been tempted to just come into my office and start work as soon as the children have gone to bed but having a challenge has really motivated me to keep on doing it. One day I knew I couldn't do my session, so I did two on a day when I knew that would be possible.

Before I had children I was super fit. I regularly ran 10km, I helped teach pilates, I swam, practised yoga and was addicted to aerobics classes! Since then I have dabbled in getting my fitness back but it's been so hard to work out how to fit it in with children, work and a very busy husband. And that's when I discovered Davina McCall's brilliant selection of exercise DVDs. They are simply perfect for the busy parent. You can do just 30 minutes of exercise in your lounge and it is so effective. It's fantastic. You haven't got to go to the gym (which adds extra time and money), you can simply pop on your trainers and off you go. And when you're finished, you're at home and ready to get back to all the other things that always need doing. I can't recommend them enough. Although, I would recommend building up a collection as hearing the same chat over and over as you do the routines over and over can get a bit boring! There is a new DVD out now, so I will be adding that to my collection to motivate me to keep going. I won't be exercising every day though, as long-term that's not good for your body. Rest days are just as important, so I will be aiming for 5-6 times a week.

And, this month I have set myself a new challenge thanks to this.

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