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A Day in Town (with no little ones...)

Today I had a lovely treat of a day in London without any little ones and without any work. I met a lovely friend for lunch at Mishkins, which is now my favourite place for lunch in London. We chatted for hours, as we always do, and enjoyed delicious food. I had:

Chickpea and ricotta meatballs with chips and cauliflower & carraway slaw.

And, Nancy Newman's soggy lemon drizzle cake.

Amazing. This is why I exercise every day!

I love days like today. I came home ready to give my children dinner and do bath, stories and bedtime. I've had dinner with my husband and now I am feeling energised, inspired, happy and ready for the rest of the week.

Sometimes I just need a day in London to myself, to meet up with a friend, to be me. And I always return refreshed. It makes me a better mum when I have the occasional day away and I always miss my children after a few hours, so coming home to hugs and kisses from three little ones is even more lovely.

I hope you've had a lovely start to your week too.


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