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Solo parenting weekend


Last weekend I was also on my own with the children, so the thought of a second one in a row made me shed a tear or two. I can do all the weekdays in the world on my own but when it comes to the weekend I find myself stamping my feet and throwing a strop that would rivival my children's. There is something about looking at the diary and seeing my husband's away for the weekend that fills me with dread. It's not because I don't love being with my children, I really, really do but I've been with them all week, and sometimes it would just be so lovely to have another adult in the house. And perhaps I'd even get to have a shower on my own...or even a very rare lie-in.

It's not only that my husband is not here but it's also that everyone else is with their husband/wife/partner, and it feels like everyone out there is having a joyful family weekend. Or, my friends without children, are off enjoying all that is special about a weekend. For me, it's just like any other day of the week. Except there's no school, no nursery, no playgroups, etc. And the time feels like it's stuck. The days are extra long.

I'm not sure my husband would be able to imagine this. When I go to work at the weekends, he gets to have a lovely weekend with the children. He hasn't seen them much, or at all, all week, so it's fun and lovely, and the fact there's no school is brilliant.

This weekend though I decided I wasn't going to moan and be sad. I wasn't going to wallow and be miserable. I was going to plan activities for the children and plan some little treats for myself. I started by buying myself some flowers on Friday as an end of the week/start of the weekend treat for myself. I planned that I would cook myself one of my favourite dishes on Saturday evening, and I would also definitely accept the kind help of my in-laws (who have had two of my children for the day today - thank you!). The postman also brought another treat, the books I had ordered myself last weekend when I was also on my own. I will be writing so much more about these books soon as they are absolutely beautiful but here's a little sneak below.



I allowed myself plenty of snacks. A mummy who is full of snacks, is full of energy for jumping, running, playing in muddy puddles (and wow did we get muddy!), singing, dancing, drawing, reading and cooking pasta for tea!

I am actually feeling quite positive about solo parenting weekends now. I don't want there to be too many in the diary this year but now I've managed one without the doom and gloom I usually feel, I'm ready to face the challenge of more.

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