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A Third Birthday Letter

Three years ago today after a long but empowering labour my second child, Oren, was born weighing a crazy 9lbs 13oz! Today I am having my own quiet little celebration as we have been a bit sneaky and moved his birthday to next Friday this year. My husband is away all weekend and we didn't want to celebrate without him. I think this is the last year we have any flexibilty to do this as my daughter is reading now and will soon know more about dates and birthdays! I'm sure Oren will forgive me!

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So, this is his birthday part one. The day when I get to think back over the past three years. Each year at Christmas I have written a little letter to my children and this year I wanted to start to write them a longer letter on their birthdays too. I'll keep them all safe for them, so they can read back over them when they are older.

This is an extract from my birthday letter to Oren:

My precious little Oren,

Wow, how did  you get to be three already? So big and yet still so little. You are simply amazing and oh so beautiful. Handsome is probably the word I should use but you are actually beautiful, so I will save handsome for when you are older!

Every morning we take Imogen to school. You love playing with the big boys in the playground and I think if I let you, you would stay at school all day with Imogen. From about 10.30am each day you ask if we can go and get Imi. "Get Imi now? Imi time now mummy?" You repeat this several times a day, every day, until we go and collect her at 3pm. You both then play, argue, cuddle and fight until bedtime. You adore each other but in that way that siblings do you also fight hard too. You are starting to learn to play with baby Max too. He's still little but you love to make him laugh and he loves it when you repeat his little sounds, and then you both giggle again. He can't wait to be as big as you but at the moment I think you'd prefer him to stay in his playpen or cot all day, and certainly never go near your toys. I know that by this time next, though, the two of you will be best of friends, just like you and Imogen.

You have just started nursery, a wonderful Montesorri nursery, and you love it so much. Yesterday you came home with one of your welly boots and one belonging to someone else, so we had to pop back with Imogen after school. You were so, so proud to show her around. And I am so proud of you, for being big and brave and settling in so perfectly. When I left you there yesterday you were playing with a beautiful wooden house that had proper locks and keys for you to unlock and lock up again. You were in heaven but not too busy to give me a big kiss goodbye and tell me to "have fun home mummy". And when I came back to pick you up you came running with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

You still don't go anywhere without Monkey and I love that. I love it when you walk along in front of me and there's monkey hanging down. I think it comforts me as much as it comforts you. You are still my little boy. Don't grow too fast little one.

You can and do get cross every day. The frustrations of  not always being able to tell us what you want or what you are thinking, or of being told you can't do something, or of just being really, really tired. But you do cross so beautifully. You strop off upstairs and into your room. And then you just shut the door and get on with playing and having fun. When I come up to see you, you say "hello mummy" like nothing has ever happened. I really love you for that.

You love playing with your cars and trainset. You are learning to draw and can draw and colour for hours. You love it when Imogen shows you how she does her drawings and when Daddy draws you monsters. And you love your books. I often find you in little corners with a huge pile of them, talking your way through all the pictures. You always take at least four books to bed with you...and monkey, lion, sheep and bunny of course!

This morning you came into my bedroom, climbed into bed (with monkey too), gave me a big cuddle and said "love you so much mummy". That is the best start to the day a mummy can ever have. Thank you. I love you so much too poppet.

I can't wait to spend this next with you, enjoying all that comes with being 3. Hearing your speech develop even more, watch your independence grow at nursery, see you playing with your brother and sister, and maybe, maybe just maybe you'll leave those bottles of milk at the bottom of the garden for the milk fairies. But don't worry, there's no rush for that just yet.

When I told you it was nearly your birthday, you said "candles mummy, I can blow the candles?" Yes, lovely there will be a big cake and candles, and balloons and presents too. It's your Happy Birthday and you are 3.

Lots and lots of love and cuddles today and forever,

Mummy xxx










{A little walk in the park with my beautiful boy and some muddy puddles.}

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