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It's just a phase

1W1K9816 - Version 2
{Images from 2008...doing a little reminiscing this week!}

All little children go through phases of doing things which are sometimes really challenging. While they are in the phase it feels like things will never change and they will always be doing it, especially when it's a really difficult phase. It can make you want to shout, cry and stamp your feet, and feel like you are the only one in the world whose child takes off all their shoes and socks whenever you go out, even on the coldest day or whose child has regular tantrums in the middle of the supermarket. Some days I feel like I am saying "it's just a phase" on repeat to myself all day long.

1W1K1465 - Version 2
I am currently dealing with, among other things:

Max opening and emptying cupboards.

Oren's screaming and biting his hands when he's cross/upset. And it doesn't take much.

Imogen coming downstairs five minutes after going to bed and then falling sleep on the sofa.

But I was just thinking yesterday, while Max was busy emptying the cupboards and Oren was busy tipping boxes of toys all over the floor, not all phases are hard and there are some that I will really, really miss. Imogen used to tell us she loved us about 20 times a day, sometimes more. She still tells me but not as often. I miss it! Every morning Oren comes and has a cuddle in bed before going downstairs. I love it but it will pass one day and I'll miss it. Max squeals with delight if I sing or even just clap my hands. This won't last either.


Children do grow and move in and out of phases so fast. If you are going through some difficult ones right now, try and find one  you love too and hang on to that. Embrace the phases and know that no of them will last forever.

{I have my phases too. I am currently on a eating too many Cadbury's Eclairs phase. Don't worry, it will pass.}

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