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That Monday Look

Phew...I have just survived the first school and nursery run of the week. Several mums looked at me and without me having to say anything, said "yes, I've got that Monday feeling too." I was giving that Monday look. The one that says, "I'm really trying to keep calm and together but inside I'm completely broken and it's not even 9am. How did this happen to me?"

Before I actually did the school run I had no idea I would ever feel this way. I'm a morning person, I'm a pretty well-organized person, we live 2 minutes (if that) walk from school. What could possible go wrong? I thought I'd be able to get three children ready and to school by 8.55am every day easily. They all get up at about 6am for a start. That's nearly 3 hours to get 3 children and myself ready. Easy.

Little did I know that none of these things would matter. The school run, however close to school you live, is no easy matter. For a start young children have no sense of time. "Please get ready now, we have to leave in 10 minutes" means nothing to them. Apart from the rising panic in my voice they have absolutely no idea what 10 minutes means.

I then have the added problem of having one child who can definitely get herself ready for school but sometimes likes to pretend she can't, one child who can't really get ready himself for nursery but likes to try really hard to do it all himself (and I must embrace this or he'll never learn) and one baby who is so wriggly that he's often hard to actually get dressed.

And, no matter how organized I am and how carefully I put things away we will always lose (at the last minute) at least one shoe, one glove, one school book bag, the house keys, and a monkey. Someone will suddenly announce they are hungry and didn't actually eat breakfast. And someone will have taken all their clothes off.

My biggest tip for mums trying to manage all this while maintaining a little bit of sanity is to have several sets of make-up dotted around the house, so you can always put on some mascara, eye-cream and a quick dash of lipgloss. You will look fabulous in an instant and at least fool yourself into thinking you can pull off the "I'm in control of all of this" look in the playground. (Please be sure to check you've got shoes not slippers on and you're not still in your pyjamas). The good news is that once the school bell goes and your little darling runs into school, you can turn around, walk out the gate and you will feel like a new woman!

I hope you survived this morning's school run! Have a lovely day x

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