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Twelve treats just for me.

I started the year by planning my 12 for 2012 aims and planning time for my husband and me but what I didn't spend any time planning was any time for just me. I got upset yesterday about something silly and it left me feeling a little bit unloved and uncared for. I'm sure the people involved didn't mean that to happen at all but that's how I felt. But it made me realize that while I'm always so busy looking after my children and my husband that I haven't been looking after myself. I always hope someone else might do that but with work and family all being so busy, I think it's time I took some care of myself instead of waiting for someone else to. 

So, while my husband was out at a party and I was at home feeling a bit sorry for myself I decided to think of something nice for my January Emily treat. I am going to have a treat for myself each month but as there's not much of this month left I decided that buying a book that I could spend a couple of evenings enjoying later this week would be a perfect plan.

I saw One by Victoria Alexander reviewed on Decor8 this week and it looks so beautiful and perfect for the start of this little project. This is the book I have chosen for my January treat. The images look stunning. I can't wait for it to arrive in a few days.

Three - Version 2
I'm thinking massages, a trip to my favourite flower market, a yoga retreat, a gallery show... all might pop into my diary for later this year! Make sure you take time to look after yourself. You deserve it. Book in that time for you now before other people take up all your diary.

Happy Sunday x

Fairy Bread

It's the little things