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Fairy Bread

I am a big fan of the beautiful, inspiring magazine Oh Comely. But I'm also a fan of lots of other magazines and sometimes they all pile up into a little backlog. So, imagine my delight when I was reading a favourite blog, Lobster & Swan, and there was Fairy Bread made from a recipe in the latest edition of Oh Comely magazine.I reached into my pile of magazines...


1W1K3545I'm a big fan of pretty, pink things and so is my five year old daughter. This recipe was made for us. We went to the park today, the boys fell asleep when we got back...so we set up a little picnic for the two of us. All you need is white bread, butter and sprinkles, and delightful Fairy Bread is yours! What a sneaky little treat for a January afternoon. This is definitely coming to lots of birthday parties! I want to do it on little heart cut outs next. Perhaps even for tomorrow's after school play date.






{Hands covered in pen from this morning's crafting. It's been a fun, happy Sunday! Hope yours has too x}

That Monday Look

Twelve treats just for me.