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Book of the week: Monkey and Me

This week's book of the week is "Monkey and Me" by Emily Gravett. Stef bought this book for Imogen a couple of years ago and it's remained a favourite. All our children have a Jelly Cat monkey each as their favourite cuddly toy. Oren, in particular, doesn't go anywhere without Monkey. So, this book was made for my animal loving children and their monkeys. I love the illustrations and the actions the little girl does to help you guess the next animal. It's a great book for reading along to. I think we all know it off by heart...well except Max, who just laughs! 



I haven't been feeling that well today, so I'm afraid our book of the week activity wasn't very inspirational. We just coloured in animals. But the funny thing is, the children loved it just as much as always. They love it when I have something ready for them to do when Imogen comes home from school. They love sitting around the table with me. And this afternoon Imogen announced that "I really could be an artist when I grow up" and I think she may be right! I don't care that we didn't do something super creative either. I care that we did it together.

I downloaded the images from First Palette, a great site full of great ideas for craft with children.

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