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Our first 12 for 2012 treat

January - Champagne and Chess

So, our first treat for 2012 was an evening spent drinking champagne and playing chess. Except we couldn't play chess because the children had hidden half the pieces. This may have been a blessing in diguise because Stef is seriously good at chess and I'm not (yet). We played Hunters and Gatherers instead, which is an alternative version of Carcassonne, a game we both love. Seven months ago today I promised Stef that I'd be his "toughest competition" and playing board games together has always been very competitive! He did win this time...only by 6 points!

Saturday evening was simple but special. There was no work, no children, no stress...just the two of us, a bottle of champagne and a board game. It meant everything to me.

I decided to keep the first of our special treats low-key but I am super excited about the next three things I have arranged! Hooray for marriage, love, friendship and not working all the time! Book some time out into your diary and enjoy... x



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