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My Happy Keyboard


I have had this bookmarked for a while now, dreaming of the day when I'd have enough washi tape and time to do it. A few days ago I experimented with a couple of keys while I was waiting for some images to load. Oh....the tape is exactly the right width for the keys! A few days later it's finished!

My lovely friend Lisa gave me some extra cute tape on Friday. She didn't know about this project but I think it will make her smile! See those sweet little vintage cameras...that was one of the amazing rolls of tape she found for me. Thank you Lisa! x

I am a huge fan of washi tape. We use it for sticking photos to the fridge, for sticking the children's drawings and paintings to the walls, for wrapping presents and just for looking pretty in my jar! We also used it a lot for our wedding crafting.



My favourite place to buy it is Papermash!

This keyboard makes me smile everytime I walk into my office. A Happy Keyboard indeed.


Aunty Hilary's Oat and Raisin Cookies

It's the little things