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Starting a Montessori Nursery


Today my little boy had his first morning at nursery. To say he was excited, proud and feeling very grown-up is an understatement. He packed his bag, posed for photos and even said that monkey could stay with me! He has watched his sister go to nursery and then school, so he knew exactly what to do.

When you don't need your children to go to nursery for childcare it can be difficult to choose the right time for them to go. I knew I wanted Oren to go to nursery for at least a year before he started school but when we went to look round his new nursery I knew how special it was and how starting as soon as possible was going to be really great for him.


The nursery is just five minutes walk away from home, so it fits in perfectly with school. It is a Montessori nursery and is most definitely the most beautiful, welcoming, kind and loving nursery I have ever been into. I worked in a nursery when I was at university. It wasn't like this one! I have always loved the Montessori approach and I am hoping that we will bring some of it into our play and learning at home too.


Montessori has seven curriculum areas: Creative, Practical Life, Sensorial, Maths, Language and Cultural. Grace and Courtesy is at the forefront of all the teachers interactions with the children. The respect for the children, parents and teachers in the nursery is so very clear as soon as you walk in. To know that Oren is in a loving, nurturing environment makes me so happy. This isn't just childcare. This is something worth so much more and I am very grateful that we have such a wonderful nursery so close to our home.

When I went to pick him up he was still so happy and content with his nursery. All the staff already knew his name, which I thought was so very special. He wasn't the only child to start today, so that was a very lovely touch. I think he's going to have some very happy times there.

So, now for two mornings a week it is just Max and me! I think we'll have a lot of fun too! x



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