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Book of the week: Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

{Image from Oliver Jeffers}

Our book of the week is "Stuck" by the wonderful Oliver Jeffers. It was one of our Christmas presents for Imogen but I knew that Oren would love it too. 

For Oren (age 2) the book is all about throwing stuff in the tree. And wow...what will he throw next. And wow...isn't that big.

For Imogen (age 5) the book is about all that but it's also about problem solving. And complete disbelief that Floyd just doesn't seem to do the 'obvious' thing. The first couple of reads resulted in some big thinking! But why mummy? Now she finds it amusing that Floyd doesn't solve the problem but just throws more stuff at it. And she is still very concerned about the fact his poor neighbour (who is also stuck up the tree) is going to tell his mummy what he's done!

This afternoon we made trees with lots of things in as our book activity. I think Oren would have preferred to actually throw things in a tree in the garden but we'll leave that for another day...







I loved the way the children started off sticking images from story and then went off on their own stuck in the tree adventures and freestyled!

Have you read an Oliver Jefferes book with your children? Which is your favourite? If you don't have children but ever need to buy a children's book for a present, I can highly recommend Oliver Jefferes. Books for children and adults too.

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