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Twelve treats for us. {Just us}.


It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I don't get to spend much time with my husband. During the week he stays in London and just comes home for the weekend. At the weekend I'm often working, he's often working and then there's our three little children too.

We do have a luxury each month though. We have a whole weekend without our children. So, how did we spend most of these weekends last year? Working of course. Sometimes together (he second shoots for me at weddings) or sometimes separately. We didn't exactly use these weekends for us as a couple.

I have decided to change this for 2012 and each month we will do something special on our child-free weekends. I had an idea that we could plan 6 each but I may end up surprising Stef with all 12 if he's too busy. I have lots of ideas, so that's fine by me! So, here comes Emily and Stef time. Time for us to make happy memories. To have adventures that don't involve little ones. (We will have that kind as well of course!) Time as a couple is so important in a marriage with children. Not everyone can be as fortunate as we are to be able to have a whole weekend together every month but even one evening a month when you book a babysitter and go out together is still very special and important.

Here are the details of January's little treat for Stef to open at the weekend!



This month's little treat is very simple (can't tell you what it is yet, as it's a surprise for Stef!) but I am still looking forward to it. And I definitely can't wait for February and March as the treats I've booked are a little bit special! 

If you're a busy couple then take time to find a date in the diary to book a treat for the two of you. And if you're busy parents then book a babysitter too! x

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