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Our big castle


There were two things on my daughter's letter to Father Christmas and one of them was "a castle that I can go inside". I crossed my fingers and toes that the range we bought her first cardboard play house from about 4 years ago, now also featured a castle. To my delight (and relief!) it did.

Lula Sapphire is one of my favourite online shops for children's toys and clothes, and this purchase certainly didn't disappoint. It is eco-friendly (made of recycled cardboard), easy to construct and so much fun!


All my three children love this castle. They have tea parties in there, and this week O even set it all up with biscuits he'd sneaked from the cupboard as a surprise for when his big sister came home from school! They have also had several games of knights and have made swords and "boomers" (their sweet word for guns!). And then there are the games of kings and queens, and prince and princesses. We had hours and hours of fun with the play house and this castle offers double the space and many more games.

During the half-term holiday we will set about painting it too! A whole adventure game in itself.


The Gruffalo Live

Book of the week: The Gruffalo