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12 for 2012


I wrote about my 12 aims for 2012 over on my photography blog but I wanted to share it here too, particularly as number 3 is all about this blog! My list is about me, my family and my business.

12 for 2012

1. Have a holiday or two!. {We haven't had a holiday longer than about 3 days for a very long time. We all need one and this year I am determined to make it happen. At least once.}

2. Establish my children's photography in Harpenden and North London. {I am an established wedding photographer but as part of my work/life balance changes I am moving my work more towards children's photography over the next 12 months. Excited!}

3. Launch and build my new blog about being a mum. {And here it is!}

4. Do something with my 3/4 written PhD thesis. {Finish it, turn it into an MPhil, quit completely, blog it, share it at a conference...just do something with it and draw a line under it.}

5. Continue to keep fit and get a post-3 babies figure that I feel happy with. {I've worked hard on this in 2011, so want to keep going with this. It helps heaps with being a busy mum too.}

6. Play more. {Because my children all love it when I play too and so do I. The cleaning, washing, cooking etc. can always be put off for even just 10 minutes. It means the world to them.}

7. See friends more, both my new local friends and those further away. {Diary out, I will start booking things in, making plans and sticking to them.}

8. Make time for preserving happy memories. {Print out more photos and write more in my 'things the children say and do book'.}

9. Write letters. {I used to write a lot of letters to friends and family. I enjoyed doing it and I know people loved receiving something other than bills through the post. Email, text, tweets, etc. are all lovely but a real letter...that is the best!}

10. Learn to crochet and make some blankets. {I made a little start on this in October but then Christmas crafting came along, so am keen to get back to it very soon.}

11. Get back behind the driving wheel. {Oh how I wish I didn't have to write this one but we live in a small town now and I cannot avoid it for much longer. As soon as we get a car... About 12 years after passing my test I will actually drive!}

12. Cook at least 12 new dishes. {I love cooking and particularly love baking, so this will most definitely be fun!}

After I wrote my list {I probably should have done it before I did but oh well...} I spent some time completing this beautiful workbook by Susannah Conway and my word for 2012 is CALM. Far from easy to achieve with three young children, a busy husband and a photography business but it is something that I want to focus on each day. I hope to bring more calm into my life and those around me all year long.

Do you have things that you would like to achieve in 2012? What is your word for the year?

Happy New Year! And Happy New Blog! x

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