About three years ago I challenged myself to get good at taking photographs with my iPhone. It certainly wasn't the case of love at first site for me. For over 30 years I have been looking through a viewfinder to take photographs. This screen thing was completely new to me and I really didn't know what to do with it. I found composition really tricky. I didn't even really know how to hold it. 

But slowly I started using it a little bit more. I loved the way it was always in my pocket and I could just capture every day little things. My It's the Little Things weekly (and later monthly) posts really helped me to use my iPhone camera more and fall in love with it. 

I love using my iPhone for social media because it's always with me and it's quick to take an image, edit it and get it up online. Images that I take with my other cameras often stay on the memory cards for a few days before I find a moment to upload them onto my laptop.

I do use dSLR images on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest but my Instagram is strictly iPhone only. That is just what I do. That's not a rule! I just personally love the challenge of creating images with my iPhone for Instagram. 

Today's video is all about how I use my iPhone.