What your place your subject on or in front of is an important part of creating an image. It helps with developing your style, telling a story, adding another layer to your images and creating a mood. 

There are lots of ways you can create backgrounds for vignettes for Instagram. For example you can use large sheets of card from an art shop for white, black, grey or other colours that you might like. Wrapping paper works really well as a backdrop either for a flat lay or to tap up on the wall like wallpaper. And it's so easy to find and affordable. It is also a great way to bring in different seasons into your images. Old wood is a very favourite background of mine.

I'm now lucky enough to have an old wooden table in my studio but I also have pieces of old wood that I have rescued from skips that I use. The more battered and worn the better. New wood just doesn't have the same feeling to it. Fabric is wonderful too and I especially love linens. 

If you are taking portraits outside (or indeed inside) it's also really important to think about the background. I am always looking for old doors, lovely fences full of ivy, beautiful rows of trees, wild flower meadows etc. Endless possibilities once you start thinking about it but it is so important to be aware of the background as much as the foreground in all the images that you take. This is really important to think about if you are taking model shots of the things you've made as the background will really help you make beautiful images. 

Here are the same dried flowers on different backgrounds, so that you can see the difference a background makes to an image. 

Some more inspiration for backgrounds and how important they are. 

Have a look around your home for things that you could use as backgrounds and gather a few together to experiment with.

I'd love to see some results in the Facebook Group! xo