Hello again! 

I have been so impressed with all your flat lays. So inspiring and I think you can all make great use of this kind of image in your Instagram streams. 

Below I have taken a series of images that show you how I build up an image. While you are practising styling your images, it's great to take images each time you add something else. You can do this with your phone if it's easier and then take the final images with your main camera or indeed your phone! I have taken a final image and then a detail image of the final set up. I took all these with my dSLR camera and then also took one with my phone as a square crop that I could use on Instagram. 

Thinking about the background, colours, layers and the story of the image are all really important. 


Sometimes when I style an image I find that I need to remove something or take something out because it's the wrong colour. The more you create little vignettes like this, the easier it is to know when something is working or isn't working. You will get to know colours and patterns that go together. You will know which backgrounds and props photograph well and can be reliable like old friends! 

Styling for photography takes practise. Remember to refer back to your Pinterest board. Keep adding to it. Take a look at how other people are styling images. What do you like about them? How have they composed the photograph? Look at backgrounds and colours. The more you look and the more you practise, the better you will become. 

And then you can combine your styling skills with your photography skills and create beautiful images! 

Well, this is embarrassing...I have muddled up the order of the last few lessons. I completely blame my tonsillitis and the exhaustion I've had this week and I can only apologise. If you're not in the Facebook Group...I was ill in bed for nearly all of last week and this week has been quite a struggle too. 


On Wednesday you should have got the White Balance lesson and not the Social Media one. That one should have followed this video and then the final styling tips one at the end. What a muddle! 

You have all the lessons though and I hope the silly mix up with the order hasn't confused you. 

As I have been poorly and not available in the Facebook Group as often as I usually am, I will keep the group open for an extra two week rather than one. 

Here is a final little video for you: 

Do you remember when you started the course that you took a photograph on the first day? Can you take one now and compare the two? I would love you to share these two images in the Facebook Group and if you would like to be featured on the Makelight blog next week then I would love you to email them to me. 

Thank you so much for being a part of this course. You have all inspired me. xo