Hi! I'm Emily Quinton.

To help you promote and share what you do in the Fashion World, I'm running an inspiring Instagram course and in-person workshop!


Grow your following with beautiful imagery that tells your story.




What we do at Makelight

At Makelight we teach people how to take better photographs and to grow your online audience. 

London Fashion Agency Online Instagram Class
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I’m Emily Quinton. I can teach you to take better photographs.

Instagram is a great place to promote what you offer and build a community around you and your work.

Over the past couple of years I've grown my following by tens of thousands.

Not with any tricks – just by finding time in the daily routine to consistently create and share relevant, beautiful images.

Now I'm sharing what I've learnt so you can apply the same approach!

Over two weeks, my Beautify Your Instagram course will help you improve your photography and gain skills that will see you grow your following. 



If you're not a natural with a camera it can be hard to get going on Instagram, Pinterest and other places that rely on beautiful images.

It can be so demoralising seeing those around you getting thousands of likes on their images and you're left thinking:

"Why don't I get the same reaction to my Instagram posts as those around me?"

On this course you'll learn practical ways to shoot, plan and share your work in a way that will grow an interested community around what you do.


Learn how to create beautiful images that your followers will love, not just like

  • Shooting in natural light
  • Composition 
  • Styling
  • Getting the best from your smartphone camera
  • Editing photographs
  • Hashtags
  • Visual Story Telling
  • Micro Blogging
  • Colour Palettes
  • Building an Instagram Gallery 
  • Sharing Images on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Steller 
  • Portraits and Selfies 
  • Building a Community and Finding Your Tribe
  • Planning and goals

Join a supportive community of thousands

Learning with others is a joy. The Makelight community is welcoming and supportive. No matter your ability, you'll feel safe and encouraged to share those slightly imperfect photos in private.

We've learnt that feedback really helps, so Emily will reply to questions and provide feedback on the images you post in our private course Facebook group. You'll also get support from our small Makelight team if you're having any trouble.

Following the course you will be able to join the main private Makelight Worldwide Facebook group where you can connect with Emily and other students whenever you want to.


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